Where are the programmes run?

  • Monday daytimes – St Mellitus College, London 24 Collingham Road (for full-time students)
  • Monday daytimes – St Mellitus College, North West, Liverpool Cathedral (for full and part-time students)
  • Tuesday daytimes – St Mellitus College, South West, St Matthias Church, North Hill, Plymouth, PL4 8HF (for full and part-time students)
  • Tuesday evenings – St Mellitus College, London, 24 Collingham Road (for part-time students)
  • Thursday evenings – St Mellitus College, Chelmsford Cathedral (for part-time students)

When are the programmes?

Our programmes run on Monday mornings, Tuesday evenings or Thursday evenings.

  • Monday morning courses begin with breakfast at 9.00am and worship at 9.30am.Teaching starts at 10.00am and finishes at 1.00pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday evening courses start with dinner at 6.30pm and worship at 7.15pm. Teaching starts at 7.45pm and finishes at 9.15pm.

Who teaches the programme?

The programme is taught by our core staff. In addition, we use a number of external speakers who are leading Theologians and Practitioners in their fields.

How much does it cost?

To find out more, please visit the Fees, Finances and Validation page.

Is this programme available for international students?

We're sorry but we're currently unable to offer sponsorship for international students, therefore you would need to acquire a visa for the entirety of the course before applying.

What are the entry requirements?

To view the entry requirements please click here.

How do I apply?

Please click here to apply.