Where is the programme run?

Training sessions for London LLM candidates are normally held at St Mellitus College, London. Midweek sessions for Chelmsford LLM candidates are held on Thursday evenings at St Mellitus College, Chelmsford, with the Saturday training days held at a variety of locations. The Lay Development Adviser will supply you with the programme at the start of each academic year.

When is the programme run?

  • On both Tuesday and Thursday evenings, the programme starts with dinner at 6.30pm and worship at 7pm.  Teaching starts at 7.30pm and finishes at 9.15pm
  • The times of the Saturday training days vary slightly but they are usually a full working day – for example 9am – 5pm. Chelmsford LLM candidates attend about 6 days a year, whilst London candidates attend just two or three but also attend one Teaching Week a year instead. Study week days (London LLMs only) are also run from 9am-5pm.

Who teaches the programme?

  • The Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions are predominantly taught by our core or associate staff, with some external speakers who are leading Theologians and Practitioners in their fields.
  •  The Saturday training days are taught by a variety of experienced ministers from the dioceses, all of whom are particularly knowledgeable and experienced in their fields.

How much does it cost?

Diocese of London

For those selected through the Diocese of London the current cost per year is £900, and the candidate and their sponsoring parish will be encouraged to consider contributing to this funding (up to one third each of the cost), to enable the widest number of candidates possible to benefit from the training. However, no selected candidate is prevented from training on the grounds of cost and there are arrangements in place to ensure that candidates and/or parishes who are unable to contribute in this way are not disadvantaged.

Diocese of Chelmsford

For those selected through the Diocese of Chelmsford there is no cost, it is paid for by the Diocese.  There will, however, be additional costs of transport and books. Please talk to your local church about support with this and see the Director of Training if will foresee any financial difficulty.

Who do I contact for more information?

If you have further questions about the St Mellitus aspect of the LLM course, please contact info@stmellitus.ac.uk


If you have questions about the LLM discernment process in London Diocese, please contact Dr Neil Evans, Director of Ministry for the Diocese of London at neil.evans@london.anglican.org.


If you have questions about the LLM discernment process in Chelmsford Diocese, please contact Rev Elizabeth Jordan, Lay Development Adviser for the Diocese of Chelmsford at ejordan@chelmsford.anglican.org or on 01245 294454.

Is this programme available for international students?

We're sorry but we're currently unable to offer sponsorship for international students, therefore you would need to acquire a visa for the entirety of the course before applying.

What are the entry requirements?

To view the entry requirements please click here.

How do I apply?

Please do not apply to St Mellitus College directly. In the first instance, have a conversation with a member of your local parish clergy, because your priest and Parochial Church Council will need to sponsor you for this ministry. This may involve a number of conversations, prayer and reflection, and they may also invite you to meet the Warden of Readers or LLMs. For Chelmsford candidates, please also register your interest with Revd Dr Sean Doherty, the Lay Development Adviser, preferably before the beginning of May (contact details below). For both dioceses, after completing an application form you will be invited to attend a Discernment Day, run by the Diocese, which involves a number of interviews. If you are recommended for training as an LLM by the panel on the Discernment Day, your Diocese will let St Mellitus know and you will be invited to complete a St Mellitus registration form so that we can register you as our student.