The Theology and Youth Ministry curriculum builds over the three years of the programme. Each year students study a combination of theology and youth ministry modules with connections being made between them. In addition each year includes a Models of Youth Ministry module which allows students to carry out their own research and grow in their reflective understanding of the lives of young people and their contexts. Alongside this formal curriculum students are part of a formation group through which they will be supported by a Tutor and encouraged to grow not just academically but spiritually, personally, professionally and relationally as they minister to young people. 


year 1 – Foundations in theology and youth ministry

  • Youth Ministry Foundations
  • Models of Youth Ministry 1 (Community Audit Research Report)
  • Theology, Church & Mission
  • Understanding the Bible
  • Discovering the Christian Tradition 


year 2 – developing theology and youth ministry

  • Youth Ministry & Communication
  • Youth Ministry Leadership and Character
  • Models of Youth Ministry 2 (Developing Ministry and Mission In Context)
  • Christian Spiritualties
  • The Bible & Theology
  • Systematic Theology 


year 3 – critical thinking in theology and youth ministry

  • Youth Ministry & Communication
  • Youth Ministry Leadership, Theology and Practice
  • Models of Youth ministry 3 (Alternative Placement)
  • The Church in the World
  • Mission and Apologetics in Contemporary Culture 


Written assignments comprise the majority of assessment for the BA Theology and Youth Ministry, and most of these are essays, but they also include other written assessments like reflective journals and book reviews. Students also have some oral presentations.