Generous Orthodoxy Lecture Series 2020 - Fleming Rutledge
10th February 2020
6.45pm - 9.00pm
Generous Orthodoxy

Monday 10 February 2020 | By the Word Worked: How a Speaking God Tells Us Who He Is
with Fleming Rutledge

This is an era in which a vague “spirituality” is more palatable to many than the biblical portrait of a God who speaks with creating power. It turns out, however, that the Word of God is more broadly generous and more directly related to our present world consumed by conflict and division than any generically “religious” way of understanding the world. The North American-European alliance is undergoing unprecedented stress. In today’s environment, a new hearing of the Word that “calls into being the things that do not exist” is what the church needs…for the sake of the world.

6:45 doors open
7:15 lecture
8:00 break, followed by Q & A

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Generous Orthodoxy’ is a phrase increasingly common in the church today. This series of public lectures, is part of a project to help explore this approach to theology which has deep roots in the Scriptures and the great tradition of Christian orthodoxy, wants to learn from the riches of the whole church and is always expectant for the Holy Spirit who makes all things new.

About Fleming Rutledge

Fleming Rutledge was one of the first women ordained in the Episcopal Church (USA) and is the acclaimed author of nine books, including, most recently, Advent: The Once and Future Coming of Jesus (Eerdmans, 2018) and The Crucifixion: Understanding the Death of Jesus Christ (Eerdmans, 2015).

Twitter: @flemingrut