Virtual Part-time Open Evening (London)
16th March 2021
6.00pm -7.00pm

On Tuesday 16 March 2021 we are holding a Virtual Open Evening for part-time ordinands, part-time undergraduate students, LLM's and Beginning Theology students. We would love to invite you to participate.

As part of the virtual open day, you will hear a welcome from the Dean of the College and an introduction talk about the life of the College and what it’s like to train with us. You will also be able to watch a lecture taught on the first year of the undergraduate course and hear some student stories. You will also be given the opportunity for an online interview. It is a great way for us to get to know you but also for you to ask questions about us and the course in a more private setting. You don’t have to prepare for it but we will ask questions about your faith journey and involvement in Christian leadership, mission and ministry etc.

If you would like to attend the day please book on here.