The Youthscape / St Mellitus Annual Lecture
2nd March 2020
5.45pm - 8.30pm
Youthscape Lecture


St Mellitus College and Youthscape are holding the 2020 Annual Lecture on Monday 2nd March 2020. Entrance is free but you must register in advance as seats are limited. A complimentary glass of wine and snacks from 5.45 with the Lecture commencing at 6.30pm.

This year's title is 'A Theology for the Rebellion'. Since the late 1990s, we’ve been living through a period of profound cultural revolution. We have to ask God again - how do we bring the gospel to bear in this new unprecedented era? What lessons we learn from past revolutions and revivals to help us navigate the present? How can we nourish our missional imaginations with stories of courage and faith, gaining fresh insight for the future through dialogue with the past? Equipped to lead through prayer with confidence, wisdom and the Holy Spirit’s power how do we shape an emerging generation seeking to change the world around them? This lecture and associated conversation will explore all of these questions and aim to equip youth workers, parents, carers, clergy and others working with young people with a vision for what youth work looks like in these changing times.

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Youth ministry is effective when it is grounded and rooted in a rich and deep understanding of God and theology. When we are understand our story, our heritage, when we wrestle with who we understand God to be and what that says about us; we begin to outwork that in the way that we work with young people every day. 

Similarly theology and academics is most effective when it is grounded with the reality of pastoring, caring and supporting young people day in and day out. Theology is never more profound and transformative than when it speaks to the heart of people, wonderful, ordinary people and their every day life. St Mellitus College and Youthscape are passionate about seeing youth workers inspired and equipped in their ministry by a deep understanding of God, and in turn to allow their ministry to keep them pursuing a thirst for theology that transforms. 

In 2018 we began an exciting collaboration with St Mellitus College: an annual youth work lecture that combines practical and theological insight to equip youth workers, church leaders, and the wider church amidst an ever-evolving youth culture.