Christianity and the New Spirit of Capitalism
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On Monday 11 July, the first in the McDonald Lecture Series 2016, sponsored by the McDonald Agape Foundation, took place at St Mellitus College when Prof. Kathryn Tanner, Marquand Professor of Systematic Theology at Yale Divinity School, spoke on the subject of 'Christianity and the New Spirit of Capitalism'.

In this lecture, Prof. Tanner offered an overview of her recent Gifford Lectures at the University of Edinburgh. Tanner suggested that contemporary capitalism, in adjusting to the demands of finance, requires persons to act in accord with a particular spirit or ethos, a spirit that both impedes human flourishing and hinders capitalism’s critique. Rather than lend support to this new ethic, as Protestantism did in the early days of industrial capitalism, Tanner argues Protestantism might now provide an antidote to it. In the new circumstances of finance-disciplined capitalism, a Protestant work ethic should become, she suggests, a Protestant anti-work ethic.

We are pleased to share the session with you in the below video.

This lecture series has been enabled through a generous donation from the McDonald Agape Foundation, in partnership with St Mellitus College.


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