Launch of Part-Time Training at St Mellitus College, East Midlands
East Midlands Teaching

We are delighted that, following approval from the Ministry Division of the Church of England and our Board of Trustees, St Mellitus College will be offering part-time ordination training in the East Midlands from September 2021. This provision is being undertaken in collaboration with the Dioceses of Derby, Leicester and Southwell & Nottingham and at the invitation of the Bishops.

The part-time pathway will be offered as part of our East Midlands Centre at a new teaching venue located in Leicester. Teaching will take place on Monday evenings and will be delivered via a blended in-person and online model. Full-time training will continue to be offered on Tuesday daytimes at our Nottingham teaching venue.  Provision of accredited programmes on Monday evenings and blended delivery is subject to approval by Common Awards.

Rt Revd Dr Graham Tomlin, St Mellitus College Board Chair writes:
“It is hugely encouraging that we are able to begin offering part-time ordination training in the East Midlands region in addition to our current full-time context based and independent theological study programmes. We are excited to be able to envision and equip students to share the gospel in a greater range of contexts and to work out their faith in the workplaces and communities they serve.”

Revd Dr David Emerton, Director of St Mellitus College East Midlands writes:
“We are grateful to have been invited by Bishop Martyn, Bishop Libby and Bishop Paul to broaden our offering of training in the East Midlands in partnership with them to equip leaders to share the Gospel and serve the ministry and mission of the Church in the region. We are excited to be welcoming a new cohort of students into our community.”

Rt Revd Martyn Snow, Chair of the St Mellitus College, East Midlands Advisory Board, and on behalf of Bishop Paul Williams and Bishop Libby Lane as co-sponsoring Bishops of St Mellitus College, East Midlands, writes:
“We’re hopeful that this new, flexible part-time ordination training will open the door for many more people to consider training for ministry in God’s church. We’re particularly keen to attract a much more diverse cohort of ministers who bring experience of living out their everyday faith in their workplaces, homes and social networks. St Mellitus has a good track record of equipping such people for ministry and we’re pleased to be working in partnership.”

Applications for St Mellitus College programmes are currently open.

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