Saving the World, Revealing the Glory: Atonement Then and Now
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On Monday 17 October, the second in the McDonald Lecture Series 2016, sponsored by the McDonald Agape Foundation, took place at St Mellitus College. 

Tom Wright, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews, spoke on the subject of 'Saving the World, Revealing the Glory: Atonement Then and Now'. He explored some of the themes from his new book about the meaning of Jesus’ death. He argued that the western church, by concentrating on the hope for ‘heaven’ rather than the biblical ‘new creation, has had a shrunken view of the human problem and, in consequence, a distorted view of what the Cross achieved. In the New Testament, Jesus’ death doesn’t just save us from sin; it overcomes the powers of evil that thwart God’s purpose for new creation, with renewed humans at its heart.

We are pleased to share the session with you in the below video. 

This lecture series has been enabled through a generous donation from the McDonald Agape Foundation, in partnership with St Mellitus College.


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