The Spirit and Christianity's Upside-Down Future
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On Monday 02 November, the fifth McDonald lecture sponsored by the McDonald Agape Foundation, took place at St Mellitus College when Prof. Jeremy Begbie, Thomas A. Langford Research Professor of Theology at Duke Divinity School, spoke on the subject of 'The Spirit and Christianity's Upside-Down Future'.

In this lecture, Prof. Begbie argued that our goal as Christians is to be inverted, turned upside-down, by the Holy Spirit. In God's future, the promoted are demoted, the degraded are upgraded, and degeneration turns into regeneration. But losers do not become winners in order to oppress the new losers; instead the Holy Spirit draws us into a truly alternative world, taking us first to the foot of the cross, where all human dreams of power have to die and be reborn.

The arts can help us enter into this new world because they can evoke it without having to describe it exhaustively, they can take the familiar and make us see it differently. To illustrate this, Professor Begbie showed what a rather banal piece of music can sound like in the hands of a master, who inverts the notes and then elaborates on them. Using art and his own superb skill as a pianist, Professor Begbie led us into the joy of the Holy Spirit's upside down future.

We are pleased to share the session with you in the below video. Please note that due to copyright issues, we are unable to include Prof. Begbie's PowerPoint or musical presentation.

This lecture series has been enabled through a generous donation from the McDonald Agape Foundation, in partnership with St Mellitus College.


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