About Us

St Mellitus College has experienced remarkable life and growth over the last 10 years and is widely thought to be one of the most innovative and exciting places to study theology, ministry and mission in the UK.

We currently have over 700 students studying across our five teaching centres, including more than 300 ordinands in training, over 200 undergraduates and postgraduates students following accredited programmes, and a number of people engaging with our introductory and non-accredited courses in theology. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer theological education and training set in the context of prayer and worship that combines academic excellence, a focus on missional leadership, the shaping of Christian character, and the flexibility to fit around busy lifestyles.

Our Values

Our goal is to train people who will be equipped to share the Gospel, energised by the life of the Spirit, committed to unity in the church and world, and longing to serve and proclaim Christ and present a coherent witness in a changing world.

Several features characterise the theological training offered at St Mellitus College:

  • Academic excellence – we have a first-rate teaching staff and draw on the expertise of a wide range of visiting professors and associate lecturers. 
  • Generous Orthodoxy – we work with all kinds of Christians and denominations and want to be open to the Holy Spirit’s transforming power at work in the church and the world. We celebrate a commitment to creedal orthodoxy – ‘the faith once handed on to the saints’ - held in an undefensive and generous way, deliberately bringing together those of different traditions in the church and helping them learn from each other.
  • Prayer and Worship – our training aims to expand the heart as well as the mind, and learn what it is to love God in the world today. We believe that theology grows out of and leads back into prayer and worship. The worshipping life of the College is an integral part of our calling. Therefore, all of our programmes take place in the context of worship.
  • Theology and Practice – our model of training, whatever programme students follow, combines theology with practice, enabling students to be deeply rooted in their local communities and reflect effectively on the interplay between theological study and the praxis of mission and ministry, bringing what they learn in the classroom and applying it directly to their workplaces, churches and communities, and vice versa.
  • Formation of Christian Character – we focus on spiritual and character formation in order that students are shaped as disciples of Christ and sent out to minister effectively in whatever sphere and context they are called to.
  • Leadership Development – we seek to equip students practically to exercise healthy models of leadership wherever they minister, that they may be a ‘pattern and example to Christ’s people’
  • Unity – We are passionate about unity in the church. The College is enriched by the quality and diversity of the students and staff in our community, coming from widely different church cultures and traditions but who nevertheless are all sharing and learning together.
  • Accessibility – our aim is to make theological training accessible to anyone who wants to explore their faith. Our approach has been to offer creative training patterns which have the flexibility to fit around busy lifestyles.
  • Missional Outlook – we have an unashamed commitment to the life and growth of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, for the sake of the world.
  • Church planting and Pioneer ministry – in addition to preparing students for traditional forms of ministry, we are also committed to thinking about how the church needs to adapt to a fast-changing world, and helping those who want to plant and develop new churches and expressions of church.
  • Joy and Hope – the culture of the College has always been one of taking God seriously, but not ourselves. We have fun as we learn and study together. It is a place where many have found new hope for the future of the church.

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