What past students say...

“This course is powerful and practical - powerful because it conveys first hand the experience, wisdom and insight of many people who’ve invested their lives in church planting, and practical because in response it requires its students to formulate for themselves a real plan to plant a real church in their area.

Being alongside others planting or looking to plant was great fun and great fellowship, and the discussions, constructive criticism, encouragement and prayer was (and is) enormously helpful.”

Revd Gav Burnage has planted an Inner-City Church in the West Midlands

“Initial excitement at the prospect of church planting is also coupled with a fear of extreme and looming hardship. Planting is lonely and often experimental, by nature it involves being a pioneer and just as in nature, each plant is unique.

Here I was encouraged, I realised I was not as lonely as I feared I might be and was resourced and inspired by others ahead of me on the journey. Friends made on this course are still the friends I turn to when I need help or encouragement today.  Anyone connected to church planting or growth should be involved with Ric and the course at St Mellitus.”

Revd Paul Oxley, planted an Anglican network church in Milton Keynes

“As one of the guinea pigs on the first church planting course, I was impressed at the range of practical topics covered and the diversity of impressive speakers that Ric were able to call upon. The course was particularly helpful to me as I had just taken on a dying church in need of reviving (literally at the same time as the start of the church planting course). I was doing theory one day of the week and implementing it the other five days! I will be forever grateful for the wisdom imparted, the resources made known to me and the friends I made.”

Revd Andy Osmond, planted an Anglican church in Gloucester Docks

"The church planting course was really helpful. It was great to hear from people who had recently planted and inspiring to hear their stories and the new life in their churches. It was also really helpful to receive teaching on practical details such as finances, BMOs, faculties etc. As someone who is about to plant in March 2013 - this course was invaluable."

Revd Richard Lloyd has planted a team into St Mary's East Molesley, Guildford Diocese

“I found the church planting course practical, inspiring and challenging. The Church in the UK desperately needs entrepreneurial leadership and this course really helped me focus on strategies for growth, practical methodology and seizing the moment. For someone who is not overly confident all the time, this course really helped me see that church planting really is possible and there are a growing number of people responding to God’s call to take risks for the Kingdom. I thoroughly recommend the course – in fact I think it should really be part of every diocese’s core curriculum for clergy development.”

Revd Tom Yacomeni, preparing to plant near Weston-Super-Mare