Graduate Diploma (Part-Time)

On the Graduate Diploma in Theology, Ministry and Mission students theologically examine issues and themes relating to contemporary life and ministry, including human identity, political life, arts and culture, evil and suffering, mission and apologetics. Students also undertake modules related to biblical studies and church history, and complete an independent project.

Teaching takes place alongside students doing the final 2 years of the BA Degree in Theology, Ministry and Mission.

Part Time Undergraduate Pathway

Year 1 of 2

Route A

Students undertake the following modules:

  • Church History in focus
  • Independent learning project (Long)

and also one of the following modules, subject to centre availablity:

  • Christian Doctrine in context
  • Reflective practice in Ecumenical context

Year 1 of 2

Route B

Students may also apply for permission to pursue a longer dissertation-style project:

  • Dissertation in Theology, Ministry & Mission
  • Extended Project in Theology, Ministry & Mission

and one of the following, subject to centre availability:

  • Christian Doctrine in Context
  • Church History in Focus

Year 2 of 2

All students undertake the following modules:

  • Mission and Apologetics in Contemporary Culture
  • Christianity and Interfaith Engagement
  • Further Reflective Practice in Context (Short)

Additionally, all students select two of the following modules for credit:

  • Further New Testament Text Study in Context: Galatians
  • Further New Testament Text Study in Context: Acts
  • A Key Christian Figure: Karl Barth
  • Further Old Testament Text Study in Context

Frequently asked questions

Who teaches the programmes?

The course is mainly taught by our staff. In addition, we use several external speakers who are leading Theologians and Practitioners in their fields.

How much does it cost?

To find out more, please visit our Fees page.

Is this programme available for international students?

We're sorry but we're currently unable to offer sponsorship for international students, therefore you would need to acquire a visa for the entirety of the course before applying.

What are the entry requirements?

To view the entry requirements please click here.

How do I apply?

Click here to apply.