Renie Choy
Dr Renie Choy
Tutor and Lecturer in Church History


Dr Renie Choy is Tutor and Lecturer in Church History at St Mellitus College. She was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Canada. Doctoral studies in church history brought her Oxford, where she completed a dissertation on early medieval monasticism. Renie attends St Alban the Martyr Church in Holborn, London, and serves as an elected governor of a Church of England primary school. Aside from goals relating to teaching, writing, and parenting her three young children, Renie hopes one day to write a musical score for a film, find an object of archaeological importance, and own some sheep.

Research Projects

My current research engages with the postcolonial critique of Christian historiography




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  • Contributions to A. Louth, ed., Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, 4th Edition (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming)

  • Contributor to the Hildemar Project which provides an English translation of Hildemar of Corbie's Commentary on the Rule of Benedict