Sara Schumacher
Dr Sara Schumacher
Academic Dean
Tutor and Lecturer in Theology & the Arts


Dr Sara Schumacher is Academic Dean and Tutor and Lecturer in Theology & the Arts. Sara studied at the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts (University of St Andrews) and completed a doctorate on contemporary church patronage of the visual arts. While at St Andrews, Sara co-founded and served as editor-in-chief of Transpositions. Sara lectures widely on a range of subjects and recently published a Grove booklet titled Reimagining the Spiritual Disciplines for a Digital Age. In July 2020, Sara began a three-year Pedagogy Fellowship through the Yale Centre for Faith and Culture’s Christ and Being Human project. Prior to her academic life, Sara trained and worked as a graphic designer in a variety of professional settings and continues to enjoy all things art-related.

Research Projects

Re-Imagining the Church as Patron: Towards a Theological Model for Faithful Church Arts Patronage
This research project explores the theological influences undergirding the contemporary resurgence of church visual arts patronage. Starting with an exploration of approaches to patronage present within theological rationales for the arts, the research takes a practical turn and employs qualitative research methods to consider the extent to which these theological rationales are present in church action, concluding with a proposed theological model for practice.

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