Revd Dr Alex Irving
Revd Dr Alex Irving
Lecturer and Tutor in Theology
East Midlands


Revd Dr Alex Irving is Lecturer and Tutor in Theology at St Mellitus College. Before joining St Mellitus, Alex served a curacy in the Diocese of Norwich, during which time he was also a visiting lecturer at the London School of Theology, at which he also served as a member of the board of governors. Alex is married to Sophia and they have one young daughter, Rachael.  

Research Projects
  • • Alex’s current research is focussed on the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed (We Believe: Exploring the Nicene Faith, Apollos, forthcoming 2021).
  • • Alex is also editing an abridgment of Edward Irving’s Christological sermons (Edward Irving’s The Doctrine of the Incarnation Opened: Abridged with Introduction and Responses, Wipf and Stock, forthcoming 2021)


T.F. Torrance’s Reconstruction of Natural Theology: Christ and Cognition (Lexington, 2019).

God, Freedom and the Body of Christ: Toward a Theology of the Church (Wipf and Stock/Cascade, forthcoming, 2020).

Selected Journal Articles

• ‘One Word, Many Wordings: The Inspiration of Scripture in its Christological and Pneumatological Dimension of Depth’, Expository Times, 2019.

• ‘“Grant me Grace”: Alternative Visions for Vernacular Theology and Lay Devotion in Richard Caister and Nicholas Love’, Evangelical Quarterly, 90.2 (2019), 142-163.

• ‘The Eucharist and the Church in the Thought of Henri de Lubac and Rowan Williams: Sacramental Ecclesiology and the Place of the Church in the World’, Anglican Theological Review. 100.2 (2018), 267-290.

• ‘The Motherhood of the Church in Henri de Lubac and John Calvin’, International Journal for the Study of the Church, 18.2 (2018), 1-19. 

• ‘The Nature and Purpose of Reason in Christian Theology: The 1952 Exchange between Thomas F. Torrance and Brand Blanshard’, Theology in Scotland, 25.1 (2018), 19-34. 

• ‘The Hypostatic Union as Normative over the Relation of God’s Self-Revelation and Human Cognition in the Thought of T.F. Torrance’, Irish Theological Quarterly , 83.2 (2018), 1-19.

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• ‘Does the Epistemological Relevance of the Spirit Constitute the End for Natural Theology? A Response to Paul Molnar in Dialogue with T.F. Torrance’, Trinity Journal, 38 (2017), 225-245.

• The Person of Jesus Christ as the Normative Basis for the Doctrine of Creation: Re-Envisioning T.F. Torrance’s Christocentric Doctrine of Creation’, Evangelical Quarterly 88.4 (2017), 349-366.

Entries in Reference Volumes

• ‘T.F. Torrance’ in Dictionary of Christian Apologetics and Their Critics, ed. R. Stewart and D. Geivett (Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming, 2020).

Selected Book Reviews

• ‘Review of Time and Word: Figural Reading of the Christian Scriptures, by Ephraim Radner’, International Journal of Systematic Theology 21.2 (2019), 225-228.

• ‘Review of Rationality as Virtue: Towards a Philosophical Theology by Lydia Schumacher’, International Journal of Systematic Theology 19.2 (2017), 220-223.

• ‘Review of Thomas F. Torrance and the Church Fathers: A Reformed, Evangelical and Ecumenical Reconstruction of the Patristic Tradition, by Jason Robert Radcliffe’, St Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly 61.2 (2017), 239-246.