St Mellitus College

Students who simply want to enjoy our theology programmes without assessment or accreditation can enjoy sitting in on the first year of teaching at undergraduate level by auditing these mid-week classes.

N.B. If you later go on to study an accredited undergraduate programme with us, you would repeat this year. This is because you would need to complete it for credit by accessing all teaching, including Teaching Weeks, and completing all the assignments.  

Overview of Curriculum Covered

  • Foundations for Theology and Reflective Practice
  • Introduction to the Bible
  • Evangelism in Practice

Non-accredited students (Auditors) will not have access to the full formational aspect of the college. Provision varies between centres, for example you may not have access to a Formation Group tutor.  

This route excludes the teaching weeks, which is for accredited students only. 

Frequently asked questions

When are the programmes

  • Monday and Tuesday daytime programmes begin with breakfast at 9.00am and worship at 9.30am.Teaching starts at 10.00am and finishes at 1.00pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday evening programmes start with dinner at 6.30pm and worship at 7.15pm. Teaching starts at 7.45pm and finishes at 9.15pm.

Who teaches the programmes?

The programme is mainly taught by our staff. In addition, we use a number of external speakers who are leading Theologians and Practitioners in their fields.

How much does it cost?

To find out more, please visit our Fees page.

How do I apply?

Click here to apply.