BA (Hons) Theology and Youth Ministry
Youth Ministry Students

If you are interested in being a Christian youth worker, then the BA (Hons) Theology and Youth Ministry could be ideal for you. It aims to combine an excellent grounding in Christian theology alongside reflection on the latest ideas, issues and challenges in youth ministry thinking and practice. The programme is run by dedicated Youth Ministry Tutors and also provides an opportunity to learn from some leading figures in Christian youth work in the UK today. In addition students have the chance to learn alongside those training for other forms of Christian ministry. It will prepare you spiritually, practically and theologically for the challenges of ministry among young people today.

The BA in Theology and Youth Ministry combines a broad grounding in theology from our academic staff alongside input from specialist tutors on a wide variety of practical and emerging aspects of Christian ministry amongst young people in Britain. Our theological teaching deepens and develops through the programme. In this way, we seek to equip students from a variety of learning backgrounds to be confident Christian theologians working effectively with young people in a wide variety of contexts and sectors. 

Students divide their time between academic study and practical youth work in a local placement context. For information about placements click here.

Studying this degree at St Mellitus College offers students theology and training at the heart of the local church; excellence in academic theological teaching; practical youth ministry training with a focus on issues of theology and practice in contextual youth ministry; and exposure to fellow students from a wide range of backgrounds and contexts.

There is further formal documentation about this programme which can be found via the following files: programme specifications and Middlesex regulations.

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The Theology and Youth Ministry curriculum builds over the three years of the programme. Each year students study a combination of theology and youth ministry modules with connections being made between them. In addition each year includes a Models of Youth Ministry module which allows students to carry out their own research and grow in their reflective understanding of the lives of young people and their contexts. Alongside this formal curriculum students are part of a formation group through which they will be supported by a Tutor and encouraged to grow not just academically but spiritually, personally, professionally and relationally as they minister to young people. 

Written assignments comprise the majority of assessment for the BA Theology and Youth Ministry, and most of these are essays, but they also include other written assessments like reflective journals and book reviews. Students also have some oral presentations.

Year 1

Foundations in Theology and Youth Ministry
  • Foundations for Theology and Reflective Practice
  • Introduction to Church History
  • Introduction to the Bible
  • Spirituality and Discipleship
  • Youth Ministry Foundations 1
  • Youth Ministry in Context 1
  • Youth Ministry and Communication 1
  • Youth Ministry Research and Reflection 1

Year 2

Developing Theology and Youth Ministry
  • Topics in Christian Doctrine (Systematics)
  • Bible in Context
  • Ecclesiology and Christian Ethics
  • Youth Ministry Leadership and Character
  • Youth Ministry Foundations 2
  • Youth Ministry Communication 2
  • Youth Ministry Research and Reflection 2

Year 3

Critical Thinking in Theology and Youth Ministry
  • Youth Ministry Foundations Advanced
  • Dissertation in Theology and Youth Ministry
  • Youth Ministry Leadership, Discipleship and Development
  • Youth Ministry in Context 3
  • Youth Ministry Research and Reflection 3

Frequently asked questions

What will my weekly schedule be?

Students usually spend around 3 days per week at a church, school or community-based placement, 1 day per week attending our London centre, and an additional full day per week doing private study.

Will you find my placement?

We will. St Mellitus College works across a range of denominations and networks and holds a database of prospective placements ready to offer ministry experience to students. You can also apply to us in parallel with your existing church or employer – find more information here. It is important that each placement goes through our application process so we can ensure all arrangements, support, finance and ministry experience is in place. 

How much does it cost?

To find out more, please visit our Fees page.

Is this programme available for international students?

We're sorry but we're currently unable to offer sponsorship for international students, therefore you would need to acquire a visa for the entirety of the programme before applying.

What are the entry requirements?

To view the entry requirements please click here.

How do I apply?

Click here to apply.