Alumni Story: Anna

Anna is an alumni of St Mellitus College, having studied with us as a full-time ordinand until July 2018. Last year she answered some questions.

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Anna, I’m 31, and I currently live and work in Kings Cross. I came to London two years ago from Exeter to start my training for Ordination. I’m still very much a country girl at heart, craving the open fields and beaches.

A careers quiz at school suggested I become a ‘Funeral Director, Teacher or Church Worker.’ I trained as a primary school teacher, but after University became a youth worker at a local church. If I don’t make it through Ordination, at least I still have one more option!

Why St Mellitus College?

When I came on the Open Day they gave an excellent sales pitch about ‘generous orthodoxy’ and ‘theology in the context of worship’. After two years here, I can honestly say that these aren’t just phrases that get bandied around but are values that are lived out in the college.

Vitally, St Mellitus College has given me the opportunity to study and work alongside each other, I didn’t want to be taken out of ‘real life’ to a secluded context. Perhaps it is just my personality type but this suits my way of learning. My theology isn’t allowed to become purely theoretical because my job keeps it practical. Also, I can see how what I am learning is shaping the way I think and lead.

How is the programme shaping your leadership?

I have a greater desire to be faithful. I used to be easily won with a pithy vision and good ideas but to be honest, I’ve become red and disillusioned with that style of leadership. I’m not saying that stuff doesn’t have value, it absolutely does, but much higher on my priority list is to simply be faithful to God’s mission. To allow who he says he is and what he has done, to form who I am and what I do.

I’ve also been shaped by the people. The lecturers care deeply about you and who you are becoming more than the grades you get. The other students are highly formational, not just the deep friendships you make, but the people you encounter who worship or think totally differently to you – these relationships stretch you.

It’s been a really formative and informative experience, but more than that, it’s been a lot of fun!