Coronavirus (COVID-19): FAQs

Latest information from the College.

This page has been set up to provide updates on decisions taken by the college and information for incoming and returning students who have questions about the effect of Coronavirus (Covid-19) on College life. It will be updated on a regular basis.

Last reviewed 2 July 2021.

We are incredibly grateful for the creativity and flexibility that our staff and students have shown responding to these unprecedented and challenging times. We also give thanks for the innovative mission and ministry that so many are offering within their communities, workplaces, churches and local contexts. 

Although this season offers a range of opportunities and new possibilities for learning and formation, we are also aware that for many it is undoubtedly challenging and draining, and is placing extraordinary demands on staff and students across the College. We would ask that you be kind and compassionate to one another as faithful stewards of God’s grace. We have sought to adapt our teaching and delivery in response to student feedback and consultation in order to provide the best student and learning experience possible.

What are the College’s plans for the 2021/22 academic year?

Based on the current government guidance anticipating easing of Covid-19 restrictions in the summer, we are expecting to be returning to in-person delivery across the college from September, whilst adhering to any covid regulations as required (eg testing, wearing of face masks etc). This includes teaching weeks and residentials (as relevant to a student’s pathway).

Attendance is a required part of all students' programmes and at present we are not anticipating offering students online access to teaching as an alternative to in-person.  East Midlands part-time programmes will follow the hybrid delivery plan as communicated.
Students who will be engaged with programmes from September 2021 should therefore ensure that teaching dates are firmly in the diary and be making any relevant practical and travel arrangements as necessary.

We will continue to monitor and respond to government guidance and will communicate any future change to delivery with as much notice as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have tested positive for Covid-19, what should I do?

Please email and your formation group tutor to inform them of your positive test, and letting them know what date you received your positive test and whether you have attended any in-person college gatherings.

Please do not attend college. Follow government guidance, self-isolate for ten days and submit an absence request form if you are unable to engage with teaching.

What are the College’s plans for the 2021/22 academic year?

Teaching timetables will follow the timings as below with preparation to complete in advance of the teaching days:

  • Daytime input (London Monday, South West & East Midlands Tuesday)
    • 9.30am-10.00am: Worship
    • 10.00am-1.00pm: Teaching (including a short break)
    • 1pm-2pm: Lunch Break
    • 2-4pm: Afternoon Programme
  • Evening input (East Midlands Monday, London Tuesday & Chelmsford Thursday)
    • 7.00pm-7.30pm: Worship
    • 7.30-9.15pm: Teaching

Preparatory Work

  • It will be expected that all students complete preparation work before the teaching day.

What are the criteria for in-person gatherings?

Any on-site activity this academic year is subject to the following requirements: 

  • In-person gatherings adhere to government guidance and testing requirements for higher education institutions
  • The site in question permits on-site activity
  • Staff and student safety is not compromised
  • Staff and students can make suitable travel arrangements and within government guidelines
  • Site staff (e.g. vergers) have the right protocols in place
  • Any necessary Covid-19 risk assessments are completed

Please note that on-site activity may be cancelled at short notice. The College will aim to communicate with as much advance warning as possible.

Can I still gain access to the College’s libraries or borrow books?

At present students are unable to access physical libraries. However we anticipate re-opening from September 2021. In order to support student learning online, all bibliographies have been updated to reflect the College’s growing digital resource provision.

What Academic Development is available?

The Academic Development team have created an online academic development programme. It is intended to continue offering this online from September. Pre-recorded and live Zoom academic development seminars are available both for specific cohorts as well as for general attendance. The Academic Development Tutor is also available for one-on-one tutorials via Zoom. Students will book via the Academic Administrator. The Academic Development Tutor will also conduct occasional surgeries to supplement the online pre-recorded material. 

What provision is there to meet with a College Chaplain or Counsellor?

The College Chaplains and the College Counsellor are available for students to book individual  one-on-one sessions. All students should contact their Centre Coordinator for information on how to book a session.

What is the plan for ordinand residentials?

Ordinand residentials are expected to take place in person from September 2021 as scheduled in the published term dates. Ordinands are asked to keep the dates clear in diaries for the whole weekend and inform church placements and family members as relevant.

What is the plan for Teaching Weeks?

Teaching weeks are expected to take place in person as scheduled in the published term dates. Independent undergraduate, postgraduate and London LLMs are asked to keep the dates clear in diaries.

My question’s not been answered. Who should I contact?

If you have another question, please contact your formation group tutor or