Part-time Ordinands

We ask that incumbents meet with the ordinand on a regular basis throughout their training (e.g. every four to six weeks) to help the student reflect theologically on formation and training, and to explore how what they are learning links with parish ministry today. We also ask that the student be given regular opportunities to preach during their time with us (roughly five to six times a year), and that they are also given opportunities to participate in leading worship as appropriate. 

In addition, ordinands taking the three-year programme work on at least three ministry modules during their time at St Mellitus. One module involves an assessed sermon, which we ask the incumbent to help with, and another involves a home church project, which the incumbent usually supervises. The student may also opt to help lead an evangelism course as part of their training, and each student will undertake a placement in another church or ministerial context, usually for three months during their final year with us. Students will need to be released from ministerial responsibilities during that time.

To help incumbents prepare for their role in the process, we invite incumbents to a meeting in September each year. We also set out full details of the various responsibilities in the Incumbents’ Handbook, which is sent to incumbents at the beginning of each academic year. Incumbents will also receive a termly email that outlines what the student is currently working on, and incumbents are always welcome to visit for evening or weekend sessions to experience life in College. In addition, incumbents are able to contact Matt Prior, London Tuesday Assistant Host, if they have any questions or concerns.