Youth Ministry Placements

St Mellitus College seeks to work in collaboration with Youth Ministry placements to identify the most suitable opportunities for the ministry formation of students enrolling on the Theology and Youth Ministry degree programme. Placement contexts apply to partner with St Mellitus College to enhance students’ learning, develop practitioner skills, and offer a wide range of opportunities for students to reflect on the interplay between theology and ministry.

Students may remain in their current context where they are already exercising ministry and leadership, or they may seek a fresh opportunity. Placement contexts are expected to offer appropriate financial support (including accommodation where appropriate) and commit to act as a placement for the duration of the student’s programme.  The strong three way dynamic between placement, college tutors and the student ensure that we’re all providing the best opportunity for students to flourish whilst in training, and enable them to offer a significant contribution to their ministry context.

What is involved in providing a placement for a youth ministry student with St Mellitus College?

A placement is a vital ingredient of the Theology and Youth Ministry programme at St Mellitus College. By providing a placement and hosting a student you are committing to partner in their formation for youth ministry. They will serve on your team and in the youth work of your church or organisation. This regular ministerial practice will offer a context through which the student can reflect on their learning and studies.

In hosting a student you are making a commitment to the student that, all being well, will last the duration of the three year course. This allows for the student to invest deeply in relationships and ministry in the placement whilst also growing in the role and taking on more responsibility as the course develops. A placement provides a supervisor who will either be on the staff team or a senior volunteer in the leadership of the church or organisation. Placements are expected to adequately provide for the student in either an employed or supported volunteer capacity.  

How does a student's week work? How many hours will they work for us?

A student is required to attend study and teaching days every Monday during term time at St Mellitus College's London base. They will also need at least another full day a week for personal study. The placement should ideally be for 14 – 21 hours (up to but no more than 3 working days a week) of which half should be contact time with young people. How / when these hours are worked is up to the placement in agreement with the student but it is expected that students have at least one full day off per week that involves neither study or work in the placement.

Students are also required to attend full time teaching weeks twice per year. Usually in October or December and March.  

What are the financial obligations or commitments involved in providing a placement?

In order to offer a student placement as part of the BA Theology and Youth Ministry, St Mellitus College requires churches /organisations to offer reasonable remuneration and/or housing allowance and living costs appropriate to the amount of ministry and responsibility that the student undertakes.

St Mellitus College recognises that the financial support on offer for students doing placements as part of the BA Theology and Youth Ministry is likely to vary widely. This is for a number of reasons, including student loan finance, age, experience and expertise of the candidate, responsibility of the role, accommodation needs and costs (for example some may still be living at home, others may be lodging with families, some may be paying rent), placement context and so on. Consequently the exact financial contribution is subject to negotiation between the student and placement, but an indication of the proposed level of support is required at application stage.

For more details on our financial recommendations and guidelines for placements please request a copy of our Placement Handbook from one of our Youth Ministry Tutors, Alice Smith or Mark Scanlan

How do we apply to become a youth ministry placement?

If you are interested in hosting a Youth Ministry student please contact Alice Smith (Lead Tutor) or Mark Scanlan (Tutor) who can talk you through what is involved. You will then be sent an information pack including Placement Handbook and Placement Application Form which will guide you through the placement application process. Fill out the placement application form in as much detail as you can before returning it to us. This form is then reviewed by Alice or Mark who will get back in touch to let you know whether you have been approved as a placement or if anything needs clarifying and amending.  

What is required of a supervisor?

Ideally, a supervisor will have oversight of youth ministry within the placement context or will have opportunity to observe and support the youth ministry student on a regular basis in this capacity. The supervisor should have time to meet regularly with the student and reflect practically and theologically with them. Please do talk to us as you consider appointing a supervisor.   

Are we guaranteed a student?

No. We will do our best to match you with a student but we cannot guarantee a suitable candidate or that we will have enough students to be matched with each approved placement.  

What is the deadline to apply to be a placement for the next academic year?

We ask that you apply as early as possible so that as students are offered places on the course there are placement possibilities available to them. The deadline for students to apply is generally early June so we would need all potential placements approved by then.