East Midlands
East Midlands

We give thanks for our collaboration with St Mellitus College in developing a programme with a particular focus on the diverse contexts for training in the region, and for the opportunities to work with other TEIs close to the region as we seek the flourishing of ministry and mission within our dioceses and the wider East Midlands area.

- Bishop Martyn (Chair of the St Mellitus East Midlands Advisory Board), Bishop Paul and Bishop Libby

In September 2019, the College launched its newest teaching centre, based in the East Midlands.  At the invitation of Bishop Paul (Southwell & Nottingham), Bishop Martyn (Leicester) and Bishop Libby (Derby), the centre serves the mission and ministry of the Church in the region by offering full-time context-based ordination training and wider full- and part-time theological education opportunities.

The centre has been established as an ongoing “partnership in the gospel” between St Mellitus and the three sponsoring Dioceses, with a view to developing a unique expression of ministerial training formed by and responding to the particular mission and ministry opportunities in the East Midlands region, delivered locally while offering a rich national vision for students in training.

Revd Dr David Emerton is the Director of St Mellitus College, East Midlands. David is passionate about the unity between theology and the Church and the development of both lay and ordained people as disciples of Christ. David trained for ordination as part of the first cohort of students at St Mellitus College, subsequently going on to complete his Doctoral studies at Aberdeen University before moving to minister in the East Midlands region.


Tuesday daytimes (9.30am – 4.30pm)


St Mellitus College, East Midlands, 192 Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3HX



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