SMC London

The church is called upon to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel afresh in each generation. St Mellitus College trains students and ordinands who are able to do this in our diverse communities and within the breadth of the Church of England.

– Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London

St Mellitus College, London is a diverse community of people who gather for worship, fellowship, and theological study. Our time together begins with food and worship, before we move into the various lecture halls for teaching sessions. The library is available, as is our prayer room, and our chaplaincy team and tutorial staff are here to support students as they look to combine their studies with their ministry in church or at work, and in their everyday life at home.

Revd Dr Hannah Steele is Director of St Mellitus College, London (Monday) and teaches primarily lectures in missiology. Hannah oversees teaching on a Monday and joined the team in 2014.

Grace Bally is host for London (Tuesday) and is the Beginning Theology Coordinator.


  • Monday daytimes (9.30am – 4.30pm) for full-time study
  • Tuesday evenings (6.30 – 9.15pm) for part-time study


St Mellitus College, 24 Collingham Road, London, SW5 0LX




020 7052 0573