Community & Support

We are aware that starting at a new college can feel a bit daunting. Here are a few things we have in place to ensure you have the smoothest start possible to life at St Mellitus College.

Welcome and Induction

Each September, we host a Welcome and Induction Day for new students to introduce them to college life and to the staff team. It is a great opportunity to get to know some fellow students from around the country, before the start of term.

Chaplains and Counsellors

The college makes available a team of chaplains and counsellors to discuss anything students may be dealing with whilst undertaking their studies. We’re aware that taking on academic study can be a big challenge and often coincides with other changes in people’s lives. Our current students find it such a gift to be able to talk things through with people who are impartial and excellent listeners.

Formation Groups

While the thought of arriving at a college can be a daunting prospect, it can be helpful to know that students will be split into smaller groups of about 12, facilitated by a member of the academic staff team. These groups meet on a regular basis and play a central role in the life of St Mellitus College with the overall aim of shaping Christ-like character, and are where deep friendships are formed. Formation Group Tutors are often the first point of contact for any queries about academic pathway or programme of study and are there to provide academic and pastoral support for their students.

Fellowship Groups

As well as Formation Groups, those studying for ordination will be assigned a Fellowship Group which meets together at Residential Weekends. These are made up of students from a variety of cohorts and teaching centres and are a great opportunity to learn from people with a wide range of experiences. 

Senior Student

Each year senior students are appointed as representatives of the student body. Their responsibility is to serve the student community, gathering feedback from students across the different cohorts, programmes and teaching centres to pass on to senior staff at regular meetings. They are there to offer pastoral support for students where needed and pray for the college and its community life. 

Undergraduate Student Support

Undergraduate students have a support structure within the College dedicated to them. The Lead Undergraduate Tutor, Lead Youth Ministry Tutor and Undergraduate Student Support staff member provide student support and host events to build community amongst the student body. In addition, an alumna attends Teaching Weeks to meet with and support students. The College hosts an annual retreat day, as well as evening events in Teaching Weeks, so that students can have fun and connect with one another. 

Online Resources

Once students are enrolled, they are granted access to our online learning platform, Moodle. This is a great tool, catered to each student’s bespoke needs, with module guides, student handbooks, assignment schedules, reading lists – everything they might need to excel as a student at St Mellitus College. 

Academic Development

We know that many students who begin their studies with us are somewhat daunted about academic study. For some, it is their first venture into Higher Education. For others, it has been many years since they engaged in formal study. St Mellitus College is fully committed to supporting students through their academic work, and while the primary point of contact is their Formation Group tutor, who will offer encouragement, advice and support with their studies and assignments, the College also offers an optional Study Skills course, spread throughout the year.

SpLD Support

SpLDs (Specific Learning Difficulties), including dyslexia and dyspraxia, are learning difficulties which affect approximately 10% of the general population. This is mirrored in the student population at St Mellitus College where 8 – 10% of students in each year group are dyslexic. A smaller proportion of students are dyspraxic. St Mellitus College is committed to enabling students with these learning difficulties to access its programmes without being disadvantaged and therefore makes reasonable adjustments to programmes in order to enable such students to participate without disadvantage. Tailored packages of support are also available according to the needs of the individual students. St Mellitus College is committed to making reasonable adjustments to ensure students can study with us.